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AncestorStuff.com The idea of researching my family tree while wearing an “I Love Family History” t-shirt while at the same time drinking coffee from a “Genealogy is Great” mug is motivating and exciting. Doing my essential grocery shopping each week while wearing a “Genealogy Equals Happiness” mask makes that task a little less drudging. WhileContinue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”


ANCESTORS AT REST Cemeteries have always fascinated me. On a trip to Boston when I was in college, I couldn’t walk by a graveyard without going in. I took so many pictures of tombstones of people both famous and non. (Somewhere I have a collection of tombstone pictures waiting to be uploaded to the net!)Continue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”

Website Wednesday

ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY I was thinking that this particular Website Wednesday wouldn’t happen due to all of the computer problems I’ve had this last week. Take note: make sure you back up your files to a cloud service. You will be very glad you did! My computer may need to go in for serviceContinue reading “Website Wednesday”

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