Picture of very old Bible

Image by Robert C from Pixabay

Website Wednesday on Thursday! It’s been two years since I last posted this topic on my blog.  A lot has happened in two years – I focused more on my genealogical education and writing reports the last two years than I did on my blog writing, but I’m ready to jump back into writing fun articles again.

This site is an old site maintained by Tracy St. Claire that has not been updated in 7 years.  It is still online, however, and as long as it stays online you can access some good information. 1,158 Bible records have been recorded here.

According to the description on the homepage, “Bible Records Online is a site dedicated to transcribing and digitizing the contents of family records that were written inside family Bibles and in other important documents from as early as the 1500s through today.” Most of us would love to have our family Bibles from past centuries (if they existed) but families are large and most people are not the inheritors of these family mementos.  Some family members do not keep them.  It is wonderful when genealogists transcribe these records for others to see.  Who knows?  Your family may very well be on this site.

Picture of the Home Page of the Bible Records website with options to click on that are discussed in the text of the Blog

There are several links on the home page.  The first one is “BROWSE the BIBLES”. Surnames are listed in alphabetical order. I chose a name from my own family – TURPIN. The listing shows this Turpin Bible is from Virginia and the years covered are 1804-1907. Once I clicked on the name, a description was given that this Bible was transcribed in a DAR magazine from 1922. The transcription is given and an image copy is depicted. I don’t recognize these particular Turpins, but someone else might.

Picture of the transcription of some of the names and dates in the Turpin Bible copied from the Bible Records website

The next option on the Home Page is “BROWSE the SURNAMES.” You can choose the first letter in the surname and find the Bible entries in this manner.  The advantage to this is that surnames that are mentioned in all the Bible records can be found this way, not just the main surname in the Bible record.

There is an option on the Home Page for “BIBLES that are non-English language”. This is very interesting. Clicking on the link for the Swedish surname Anders brings up the Anders Surname Book with a history of this book and a picture and transcription of the entries.

Image of the Swedish Records Book with a transcription in Swedish of some of the names found on that page

On the “LINKS –To other Bible Record sites” option from the Home Page the only link that still works correctly is the one to Cyndi’s List. The “PHOTOS” option only has one surname mentioned and that is Spotsiwood, but there are 17 vintage photographs here.

This site, although old, is still worth a look to see if you have an ancestor whose family Bible ended up transcribed or imaged on this site – and it’s free to look up!

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