Website Wednesday


I was thinking that this particular Website Wednesday wouldn’t happen due to all of the computer problems I’ve had this last week. Take note: make sure you back up your files to a cloud service. You will be very glad you did! My computer may need to go in for service but I was still able to write this up.

This week, I wanted to take a look at the Allen County Public Library. The URL for this library is This library is not just a local library for Allen County, Indiana. It happens to be the second largest genealogical library in the United States.1 The focus is on North America, but they happen to have some British and European records, also. They hold 11,000 periodicals from genealogy and historical societies all over the United States, some defunct and some still publishing. Because of this, they have created PERSI – The Periodical Source Index. The PERSI Index can be found at It is free to search, but you need a subscription to view any images. You can always contact the Allen County Library if you see something that you would like copied.2 Currently, it is $7.50 for 6 articles, plus .20 per page.3

One of the great things about ACPL is their free webinars that you can view. I have watched several and they provide some valuable information. For instance, this month they are having webinars on such topics as Revolutionary War Pension Records, Finding Your German Family History, 19th Century Military Records, and Free Newspaper Sites to Assist Family Historians.

They offer both free databases and on-site databases if you can visit. Examples of free databases include African American Gateway, Family Bible Records, Our Military Heritage, and Other States Resources. Being as I live in Colorado, I am always curious to see what Colorado records are available elsewhere. They have available online the Canon City Daily Records Index from 2014 to 2016 which appears to be typewritten births, marriages, and obituaries from Canon City.4

You can also subscribe to their free newsletter, Genealogy Gems, which gives updates about their collections plus research tips. The back issues from 2004-2019 are currently available to view online.5 I would encourage you to check out their newsletter, watch some webinars (the people who present them are great!), and look around on their site.

Happy hunting!

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