Celebrating the Holidays 100 Years Ago in Champaign County, Illinois

Image by Vincent Ciro from Pixabay This Christmas blog post is two weeks too late! I thought this might make a good article for a quarterly, but here it is instead on my own blog. Try to catch whatever remains of the Christmas spirit in the air and enjoy! Do you ever wonder what theContinue reading “Celebrating the Holidays 100 Years Ago in Champaign County, Illinois”


Picture in the public domain at the Library of Congress (ppmsc 01699 //hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ppmsc.01699). #OhioHistory #GoldMining When I began going through census records of Cross Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, using the FAN method (Family/Friends, Associates, Neighbors) to find more information about my ancestor George Lewis, I came across three men whose occupation was given asContinue reading “GOLD DIGGERS IN JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO”


BillionGraves.com Happy New Year, everyone!  Surely 2021 will be better than 2020 – it has to be!  It will be a strange day indeed when I go to the grocery store and see everyone’s faces unmasked.  I’m not excited about going to restaurants again and being seated next to a loud, noisy table but theContinue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”


I never knew my Great Grandpa Hochstetler. My mother never knew him, either. He is a shadowy figure in my mind. I’m not even sure what He looked like. He passed away on March 6th, 1926, before my mother was born. I’ve always pictured him stern for some reason. I know he was Baptist. HisContinue reading “LAST TURN OF THE KEY”


ATLAS OF HISTORICAL COUNTY BOUNDARIES The holidays are almost here!  I know many of us do not have a lot of time right now to pursue our genealogical passion (or we’re turning that passion into creating lots of family history-themed presents – printed books with family photos, clever ornaments with ancestors on them, and collectionsContinue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”


ArchiveGrid Someday, we’ll be able to visit archives and libraries IN PERSON. When that time comes, ArchiveGrid is your friend. (Of course, you can always contact an archive you are interested in visiting – they may have open hours or have someone available to you for research, even during the time of COVID.) Not everythingContinue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”


ANCIENTFACES.COM The website AncientFaces is a free website dedicated to sharing biographies and photos of your ancestors or of historical events and the people who made those events history. This is a collaborative/crowdsourcing website where you can choose to add to existing biographies or upload your own photos of your family. They’ve been around forContinue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”


AncestorStuff.com The idea of researching my family tree while wearing an “I Love Family History” t-shirt while at the same time drinking coffee from a “Genealogy is Great” mug is motivating and exciting. Doing my essential grocery shopping each week while wearing a “Genealogy Equals Happiness” mask makes that task a little less drudging. WhileContinue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”


ANCESTORS AT REST Cemeteries have always fascinated me. On a trip to Boston when I was in college, I couldn’t walk by a graveyard without going in. I took so many pictures of tombstones of people both famous and non. (Somewhere I have a collection of tombstone pictures waiting to be uploaded to the net!)Continue reading “WEBSITE WEDNESDAY”

Website Wednesday

ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY I was thinking that this particular Website Wednesday wouldn’t happen due to all of the computer problems I’ve had this last week. Take note: make sure you back up your files to a cloud service. You will be very glad you did! My computer may need to go in for serviceContinue reading “Website Wednesday”