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It’s Wednesday again!  Where does the time go?  We’ve had some snow here in the Colorado foothills and I’ve heard there were snowstorms in other parts of the country.  It’s winter and it’s cold outside.  It’s a good time for indoor hobbies – like genealogy.  (Actually, I could do genealogical research 12 months of the year but that’s for another blog post!)

Many of you may have been using Find A Grave and BillionGraves to find your ancestor’s tombstones in your research.  There is another free site called that also provides information about your forbears taken from various cemeteries in the United States and other parts of the world. has a very interesting history.  It is worth scrolling to the bottom of the home page and clicking on “history”.  In March 1997, Steve Johnson began hosting a website that provided links to other sites on the web that had cemetery records.  Through the years, this website has morphed into providing cemetery transcriptions that have been provided by cemetery offices, church offices, and other genealogists.  This isn’t crowdsourcing like Find A Grave.  Once a transcription is submitted to, only the submitter can update the information.  Another summary of the history of the website is available by clicking on About Us at the top of the Home page.

At the bottom of the Home page, next to HISTORY is HELP.  This gives a great overview about how to use this site with links to the cemetery record search (also reached through a tab at the top of the site), a blog entitled Cemetery Column (which hasn’t been updated in several years, but still has quite a few good articles), and a tutorial link.

Once you have taken a moment to browse the site, such as checking out SUBMIT TRANSCRIPTION and LINKS at the top, choose your country of choice from the tabs or click on MORE which will bring up all the countries in which there are records.  Many cemeteries are not yet represented in this database, but judging by the number of new records and the dates that they were updated, more are being continually added.  You can also subscribe to a newsletter that provides updates about the new cemeteries being added.

Here are some examples of the type of information that I found on this website:

United States – Colorado

Not all of the counties are as of yet represented, but there are links in red for the counties that do have transcriptions.  In Jefferson County, for example, there are 5 cemeteries listed.  Clicking on the Arvada Cemetery link reveals 13 records and the name and email of the contributor.  This is not a complete list of all of the gravesites in the cemetery, but it does list the Woodmen of the World Burials.  This can be valuable if one of these people is your ancestor.

United States – California

Again, not all of the counties are represented here.  Clicking on Humboldt County brings up a map and two cemeteries.  There are 646 transcriptions for the cemetery in Blue Lake, along with a description of the cemetery.

United States – Kentucky

I have relatives buried in Russell County, Kentucky.  On, there are 3 cemeteries listed:  Lucinda, Tarter, and Wolford.  Tarter and Wolford cemeteries appear to be complete transcriptions.

The Search function on this website uses the same search operators like Google.  If you click on Advanced Search Tips on the home page under the Search bar, there is a list of some of the operators that you can use on this site, such as quotation marks around your ancestor to bring up that name exactly, such as “William Johnson”.  (Be careful as this may not bring up an ancestor who is buried with a middle initial or middle name.)

One caveat on this site is that it is supported by advertising for  If you have a subscription, this is great for ease of access.  There are links with green leaves to their newspapers, obituaries, and funeral notices.  If you don’t have a subscription, then you will be given an opportunity for a 7-day free trial on their site when you click on one of these links.

Enjoy browsing and checking out this site.  In the meantime, search SMART!

Sara N. Martin

Smart Canyon Genealogy

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