Can Anybody Choose Just One?

Mishmash of my own family photos on Facebook

Do people really have ONE favorite photo?  One and only one?  I am participating in Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors challenge and this week the challenge is rough – pick ONE favorite photo.

Should I pick one of a beautiful landscape from a vacation, the sunrise coming over the foothills as seen from my back deck, or the first snow on the hills?  What about one of the pictures from when my husband and I got married?  Or a family photograph of all of us having fun in my parent’s backyard?

One of the issues of sharing a favorite photo is, of course, digitization.  I was an avid amateur photographer for many years and I came into the digital age with mountains of photograph albums.  I still have them.  Most are not digitized.  I get ambitious occasionally and start scanning them to Facebook, my hard drive, or Ancestry, but my enthusiasm soon wears out and I put the project to bed for a good long rest.

The end result?  Most of my favorite photos are not yet in digital format!  That should be a wake-up call.  I need to take the time to get the best pictures uploaded to the cloud and my computer.  In the meantime, I took a look at some of the ones I DID have online.  I found a great one of Dad and me on Christmas Day in 1965.  The weather is beautiful – it was sunny southern California.  I love this photo, although it’s not digitized properly yet.  I merely took a picture of it with my phone.  It’s off kilter but someday I will produce a better scan.

Unfortunately, I can’t colorize my photos with MyHeritage at this time.  I come from a family of redheads and MyHeritage makes us all brunettes which gives us an odd look.  Black and white film is classic though.  It gives the illusion of my childhood being spent in a film noir movie.

Make sure your favorite photos are digitized and available to view for the long term.  If I can drag myself away from my genealogy research, maybe I can actually get all of mine scanned!

Search SMART!

Sara N. Martin

Smart Canyon Genealogy

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